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Wrapping It Up

Park Station Blog, Gaithersburg, MD  With the holidays approaching, wrapping skills are in demand, and we've got tips for being a master wrapper.

Simply put, December is a busy month, what with end-of-the year projects, daily grind, and errands all over Gaithersburg to keep up with. Add in the holidays and chances are you feel like you’ve got too much to do and not enough time to get to it all done. Part of that includes getting holiday gifts wrapped and ready to go. If you’ve got everything under control, kudos to you, but if you still have a mountain of gifts to wrap, we’ve got some tips to help you speed the process along, whether you’re staying at your apartment in Maryland or going anywhere else for the holidays.


Gather Materials

Gather up all the things you will need so they are readily at hand and in one place. A large, clear tote works well for this, but even a cardboard box will do. Include tape, scissors, curling ribbon, bows, gift bags, sharpies, pens, gift tags, tissue paper, and a variety of wrapping paper. Pull out the presents from the places they’ve been stashed and get ready to wrap.


Set Up a Wrapping Station

Choose a time when you are less likely to be interrupted by gift recipients and wrap gifts on a flat surface like a counter, a table, or even the floor. (Beds and couches will do in a pinch, but it’s much easier to do the job on a table!) As you are wrapping, put odd-sized gifts into a box, which is much easier and quicker to wrap, or use a gift bag. Use just enough paper to wrap the gift—extra paper just looks messy.


Defeating Present Peekers

If you have present peekers on your list, here are some ideas to defeat them this year.

— Be aware of what you do with receipts and other shopping traces. Pro-present peekers can find them and snoop through online shopping accounts, so log out of any place you shopped online.

— Wrap a decoy present and put a different person’s name on the real present. It’s a two-step process to defeat a present peeker. Just be sure to remember who the present really is for come opening time!

— If you have several people you are wrapping for, assign each a number and simply put a number on the gift tag instead of a name. Secure your number/name list so you don’t forget who had each number.

— Use a certain wrapping paper for each person and don’t bother with a tag. This also makes sorting the presents easy to do.  


We hope you’re now ready to get setup for wrapping presents. Stream a holiday movie for the task, and when you are finished relax with a tasty cup of spiced cider. Happy holidays from the Park Station blog!