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Summer Pool Fun

Park Station Blog, Gaithersburg, MD  We have an amazing swimming pool! We've rounded up some entertaining pool games for summer fun!

Summer is in full swing here in Gaithersburg, MD and that means hanging out at the pool at Park Station. Spending time at the pool is a good way to combat the summer heat, and in today’s post, we have some fun pool games to help you mix things up when you go swimming. So get together a group from our apartment community and head on over to the pool soon!


Sponge Ball Toss

This is a great game to play with every age. You can make sponge balls at your home in just a few easy steps. You’ll need plain sponges (4 sponges per ball), scissors, and rubber bands. Cut the sponges into three strips (going the longer direction). Then, layer the strips with six on top of the other six. Lastly, wrap the strips together around the middle of the stack with a rubber band. Pull the strips to create a full star shape. You can use these sponges for dodgeball or simply to toss around with kids.


Ducks Across the Pond

Every swimmer will need a floating toy duck (or a similar toy) for each player. Everyone starts on one side of the pool with a duck. The referee shouts “Splash a duck!” and everyone has to try to get his/her duck across to the other side just by splashing the water behind them. Remember, you can’t touch your duck. To make it even more fun, create “no duck” zones and have prizes for the winners.


Pool Noodle “Tug” of War — Reversed

In this upside-down version of tug of war, instead of pulling a rope (and a person) over a line, you are trying to get the other swimmer to move backward, as you move into their space. This game definitely gives your legs a workout, too. Line up in pairs (each pair will need a pool noodle) facing each other. Both swimmers grab onto the pool noodle between them and on the “go!” signal both start kicking in an attempt to move the other person backward. For the hearty, make it a best 3 of 5 set to determine a winner.


Simon Says

This is a game most people already know, but playing it in the pool adds a new dimension.  Simon gets to command everyone to do (safe) water based actions. For example, a few commands might be, “Simon says do a headstand”, “Simon says touch the bottom” and “Simon says do a roly-poly.” But if you don’t say “Simon says” before saying the action and someone does it, they’re out! The last one left is the winner. They will be Simon in the next game.


Or, you could opt for a cannonball contest. Best cannonball wins! So jump into the pool at the Park Station soon, and enjoy the Gaithersburg, MD summer.