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Sugar and Spice Apples

Park Station Blog, Gaithersburg, MD  Apples make their appearance every fall, and what better way to enjoy them than with some cinnamon and other spices?

Sugar and spice and everything nice may be what little girls are made of, but adding some sugar and spice to that fall favorite, apples, creates a fall treat that’s hard to beat, and there are so many ways to serve up apples you can have a different dessert every weekend at your apartment. We’ve collected some old favorites plus some tips for preserving apples if you have more than you know what to do with for this month’s blog post.


Apples and Spice

(Featuring recipes and descriptions from


Grandma Ople’s Apple Pie

"This was my grandmother's apple pie recipe. I have never seen another one quite like it. It will always be my favorite, and I hope it becomes one of your favorites as well!"


Apple Crisp

"I got this recipe from my favorite health food store. It is wonderful!!"


Apple Dumplings*

“An old-fashioned dessert that doesn’t go out of style. Try this classic dessert today.”


Apple Betty

"Everyone always raves about this pie. You don't have to make pie crust! You can control the sweetness by the amount of streusel topping you use."


Apple Turnovers

"Delicious, yet so easy to make. Anyone can do these classic apple turnovers!"


Preserving Apples


Drying Apples — Following this apple tutorial means ending up with a nutritious, tasty snack, which may disappear way too fast.


Apple Pie Filling — A slice of warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream sound wonderful and homemade is so much better than filling from a can. Try this recipe to make your own apple pie filling.


Canned Applesauce — with directions and links to canning methods for those who have never attempted home canning before. (We suggest adding a touch of sugar and cinnamon to the applesauce before you bottle it.)


For apples and other fresh produce, check out the Gaithersburg Farmers Markets. What is your favorite way to eat apples? Please share in the comments, and thanks for reading the Park Station Blog!