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Photography 101: Shooting Gaithersburg

Park Station Blog, Gaithersburg, MD  The photography bug hits, and where do you go to do a photoshoot? We've gathered up some resources for you to check out.

One of the wonderful things about living at the Park Station apartments in Gaithersburg, Maryland is that there are so many interesting, unique, and beautiful places to visit nearby. One could say it is a photographer’s paradise, and that is the focus of this month’s blog post: photography.


Gaithersburg has a camera club that is open to people from all over, though most photographers are from the upper Montgomery County area. Open to photographers of varying skills and interests, from novice to pros, the club’s goals include helping members become better photographers and to provide a place to meet others who share a passion for photography. (More detailed information can be found on the Camera Club Website.)


Today’s cell phones with cameras included have turned nearly everyone into a photographer, and we’ve gathered up some photography tips, presented in random order, to help you create better pictures.


Photography Tips


Look for and capture the beauty of the everyday to create winning photography.


Backup, backup, backup. Make sure you have backups of your photographs. It’s heartbreaking to lose them.


Get up close and personal when taking your photos; being closer often means a better picture.


Focus more on the composition of your photography and less about the technical aspects.


Experiment with different angles, exposures, and apertures of the same scene. Changing it up can lead to unique photos.


Be respectful when taking photos of people or places. Get permission if necessary.


Being in the moment will lead to capturing it. Staging the perfect picture rarely happens. Let moments happen, and take lots of shots to capture the perfect one.


Take a minimal amount of gear with you. The more “stuff” you have to pack around, the less you will enjoy the experience. Get a messenger bag to use instead of a backpack; it’s more accessible for getting to your camera, lenses, and other supplies.


Natural light is the best light. Early mornings and late afternoons typically have the best light for photography.


Gaithersburg Camera Club has a great resource for helping photographers find places to shoot, so next time you feel like doing a photo shoot, check out some of these sites: Gaithersburg Camera Club — Where We Shoot.


So grab your camera (or at least your phone) and head out and capture Gaithersburg. Thanks for reading today’s blog!