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A Picnic in the Park

Park Station Blog, Gaithersburg, MD  Picnics are a wonderful way to enjoy spending time with family and friends. Plan a picnic soon cause summer's coming!

Picnics are as much a part of summer as ball games, swimming pools, and summer camp. Today the Park Station Blog has some ideas for what to take for a picnic as well as some local parks to check out for picnic opportunities.


Picnics can be very simple or feature multiple courses. The main thing about having a picnic is the experience of eating al fresco. There is something about eating out-of-doors that is appealing, perhaps to our inner child. We have some meal ideas ranging from easy-peasy to a full-on meal including dessert. Happy picnic planning!


A loaf of French bread (no need for a knife, just rip chunks off and eat it like a bohemian), slices of cheese, and a cluster of grapes can make a meal. However, for something a little more substantial, add some cold cuts from your local deli.


Another easy picnic idea is to go southwest; tortilla chips, salsa, and this fresh summer salad featuring tomato, avocado, and cucumber, should be eaten outdoors.


If you want to go all out, and do an old-fashioned picnic with fried chicken, potato salad, rolls, and chocolate cake for dessert, the Cutestuff Cooks blog has recipes for all of it. Remember to throw in a tablecloth for a nice (and hygienic) touch when eating outdoors.


If making a picnic isn’t feasible, do the next best thing and eat your fast food meal outdoors or at a Gaithersburg restaurant that provides outdoor seating.


These are local parks that are relatively nearby. The Gaithersburg City Parks and Fields website has details about each area including amenities and features; it’s a great planning tool.


Local Area Parks


Bohrer Park

506 S Frederick Ave

Gaithersburg, MD


Fairfield West Deer Park

562 S Frederick Ave

Gaithersburg, MD


Strawberry Knoll

18810 Strawberry Knoll Rd

Gaithersburg, MD


South Valley Park

18850 Montgomery Village Ave

Montgomery Village, MD


Head out soon for a picnic on a summer evening. Where is your favorite place to picnic? Share in the comments!